Our Partnerships

Important and lasting partnerships.


We are convinced that small collaborations produce only small results.
On the contrary, great partnerships help to achieve great successes.

This is why we have activated a partnership with the University of Pisa. Thanks to this synergy we can connect with the best new graduates, discover young talent and give public speeches.

We are also Google Partners: a certification of our professionalism and competence issued by the main Search Engine, assessed based on the quality of the services and on the fulfilment of four important requirements:

  1. company profile,
  2. certifications,
  3. expenses,
  4. performance.

Important and lasting collaborations. All this is necessary in order to work alongside important enterprises and really make the difference.

Our certifications

Google Premier Partner


Google issues this certification in order to attest to the excellence achieved by the consultants of an agency in the management of paid campaigns conducted through Google AdWords. Google takes into account the budgets managed, and above all the performance and business growth.

Why it’s important

Being a Google Premier Partner allows us access to advanced training resources, private refresher courses, training sessions, verticals and market research through which to plan successful digital advertising strategies for our clients.

Google Analytics Certified Partner (Services)


Issued by Google only after passing special examinations by (technical) consultants and the presentation of projects and case histories. This certification attests the specialisation and competence of a company in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio and Optimize, and is one of the best suites dedicated to Digital Analytics available today.

Why it’s important

The GACP certification guarantees clients the highest level of consultant preparation for Google's Digital Analytics tools, as well as high-quality support for all areas related to Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Data Studio and Optimize.

Accredited Professional Bing Ads


Certifies the skills acquired by media planners and digital advertisers in defining the strategy, planning, setup, the management and optimisation of advertising campaigns and Bing ads, in order to make the most of the budget set by the client.

Why it’s important

Through Bing, clients have the opportunity to take advantage of an advertising channel that allows them to oversee 100% of their share through highly strategic visibility on Bing, Yahoo and their research network, including all Microsoft sites. This allows to generate interesting ROAS, especially in mature and competitive markets for which other search engine advertising platforms can generate very high CPCs, due to the high level of competitors’ presence.

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