Traffic Building

The evolution of SEO.


The evolution of SEO in competitive markets: all players are supported by partners who have set up Search
Engine Optimization strategies and operations; the platforms now have an excellent level of optimization and the actions carried out by SEO Specialists meet the needs of clients.

On the other hand, the market is increasingly competitive: vertical players capable of running websites that are increasingly responsive to Google’s specifications appear every day. The needs of our clients are constantly evolving and Google updates its algorithm on a weekly basis, as do Yandex and Baidu.

Once a project has been optimised in terms of SEO, it’s time to define how digital levers can influence business and how to gain new customers and increase loyalty, without having to invest in communication campaigns.

The goal is to structure a project that generates high-value traffic with lower budgets than other paid actions, committing with a results-based revenue plan with penalty and success fee.

Building a Digital Media capable of intercepting millions of visits.


First Step: surpass the keyword list.

Every day there are 15% more searches than ever before*
We need to go beyond the sterile keyword list and deal with semantic clusters, analysing more than 100,000 keywords per market for each project. A feasible job thanks to the analysis of native-speaking specialists.

*source: Google


Second Step: evolve the architecture of the site according to the content that will be produced.

We need a three-year vision, daily monitoring of server-side performance and analysis of how the crawling budget is used by Google.


Third Step: structure the analysis of Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI).

Fundamental to convey more consistent content from a semantic point of view. We proceed with a plan of editing new content (structured by type and length) and re-editing of what exists, according to the traffic potential indexes defined for each content present on-site. All this is possible thanks to a team of committed native-speaking analysts and editors.


Fourth Step: prepare an interlinking plan able to manage the distribution of internal links.

A GANTT needs to be structured and it must be able to manage at least 50,000 internal links, on an annual basis.


Fifth Step: monitor the link profile on a daily basis and analyse its quality.

Where necessary, we need to provide link detox actions, check link reconciliation opportunities, in order to structure processes able to increase link diversity, always paying attention to Google’s guidelines.

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